Our Product Range

Garden Pallets

Garden pallets are designed to keep pots off the ground and to facilitate safe and easy movement of pot plants with a “FOUR SEASONS HAND TRUCK”.
Available in Black and Terracotta the Garden Pallets are 320mm in diameter with a 210mm opening for easy movement.

Mini Pallets

MINI PALLETS are small “PALLETS” that are used in conjunction with a hand truck to move or store cartons, drums, pot plants and equipment.
Cartons etc are stacked on the MINI PALLET when coming off a production line or unloaded from a vehicle and then a hand truck is slipped under the pallet to move the items without double handling or leaning of cartons.

Adustable Hand cart

The Adjustable Hand Cart looks like and is used like a normal hand cart but it is manufactured with two narrow and longer blades to fit both the “Garden Pallets” and “Mini Pallets” for easy movement of pots or goods.

Eco Dry Clothes Line

A revolution in Portable clothes line. – Coming soon

Portable Clothes Line

A Compact and versatile solution for drying your clothes.

About us

Our focus is to design, produce or source products that will Make Your Life Ezi, clever ideas, user-friendly options, and unique products to help you find solutions to problems, in an easy, inexpensive way. Our products have been carefully chosen and we guarantee you will enjoy the ease of use. The quality of our products is always of high standards, so you can be assured that you buying quality products at all the times.